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electric table

Electric sit-stand work table

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Electric sit-stand work table

Whether its a small office or large office space, we have the best office tables that suits your need. this elegant Electric sit-stand work table1.2m is durable and beautiful, its colour is a perfect neutral match to major office colours. order for a table today and have it delivered same-day, buy affordable furniture in surulere Lagos state and be rest assured to get value for your money.

Our electric stand-up desk has a sturdy solid steel frame with aerospace-grade lifting column connectors (still stable & secure after testing 100,000 times). The electric adjustable standing desk is a firm foundation for work, even at full height
Uprated Motor: This electric sit stand desk provides powerful lifting performance and reliable long-term operation (tested 10,000 times and still going strong)
Simplified Assembly: The adjustable height desk has an easier assembly process with fewer steps and less lifting. Just follow the clear electric standing desk instruction manual & video


Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Color White
Style Vintage
Base Material Alloy Steel
Top Material Type Wood
Finish Type Steel
Special Feature electric standing desk, easy to install, sturdy, height adjustable, sit and standing desk

available in 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 meters respectively. also available in black frame.