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Egyptian Royal Sofa Settee

Egyptian Royal Sofa Settee

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Luxury furniture set


whether you are looking aesthetics or just the old fashion functionality , this piece Coffee brown royal sofa(678) absolutely suits that. the sight of  this Coffee brown royal sofa(678) is appealing because of the warmth of its colour. it has a tufted design on the backrest that makes sitting comfortable as well as the softness of the leather.the leather is made from real animal skin which has been finely refined to produce this amazing sofa set. it is durable and offers you a run for your money.Get some style,class and colour to your home with our elegant elite furniture set.this is a  durable Leather sofa set, brown color which  mostly comes with the table.

this is a statement piece of furniture .it  however does not require a lot of designing or accentuation in the same space because it speaks for itself.

area of use:

living room

royal/palace space.

weddings and luxury events etc.

this product comes as it appears in this image,table and chairs inclusive except otherwise stated.

We deliver within Lagos and outside Lagos as well..

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