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Crowd Control Stanchion (2 belt-2 poles)

Crowd Control Stanchion (2 belt-2 poles)

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  Crowd Control Stanchion, queue guide stanchions control crowds in an elegant fashion. Your customers do not need to suffer simply because your business requires queues. The right retractable belt queue guide barrier can make the difference between a miserable experience and a very pleasant one.

Whether you own a bank, airport or theme park, line dividers or crowd control barrier stanchions are essential tools to keep your guests and customers orderly and moving in the right direction.

Our belt crowd control stanchion are a perfect way to guide your customers in a specific direction and  keep waiting lines more organized in the most elegant way possible. Best to call it “Queue Manager or Queue Guide”.

    •  Keeps waiting lines more organized, indoor/outdoor.

    •  Heavy duty, plastic casing bases

    •  Bottom plastic ribs  prevent floor scratching.

    •  Durable polished stainless steel poles.

    •  Automatic retractable belts extendable up to 6.5ft long.

    •  Ideal for movie theaters, banquet halls, hotels,  amusement parks, restaurants, church, banks, airport, hospital, etc.
    • Price here in is for a rope and single stand.

      colour variations are available