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luxury royal sofa settee

Classic Royal Luxury sofa settee

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This royal sofa is a mix of Plain and floral fabric to give you this amazing furniture set.  this royal sofa set is suitable for any home and space. it is simple yet classy, the fabric material is a fine soft suede that makes sitting or lying on the sofa very comfortable. it is also easy to maintain because the colour is mild and friendly, so even if you have growing kids at home you can be sure of the safety of your set. Get some style, class and colour to your home with our elegant elite furniture set.

this sofa set does not come with the table but you can order for it separately or glance through our center table collection to get a matching design or you can also request a unique bespoke design to be made to suit your style, taste and budget.

these Blue-white royal sofas are available for pickup. shop online or visit our physical store in Lagos Nigeria

get a free interior design service and space planning when you order for all your home furniture from EUNICON INTERIOR

we deliver within Lagos and outside of Lagos.

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