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car massage cushion

Massage cushion

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Eternal Car seat / Cushion Massager is embedded with health care functions and can massage different parts of the body. It has a multi-function controller, adjustable elastic strap, power adaptor, car adaptors, and full-size seat topper. Though designed as a car seat massager, it can be used on the home sofa, bed, and office chair. It has motors that massage the neck, back, hips, and thighs. The massager improves blood circulation, eliminates back-ache, relieves fatigue, and lightens pressure. It reduces stress and tension while driving, relieves pain in the waist, back, and loins, stimulates arteries and veins, and aids food digestion.
The use of a cushion massager improves blood circulation of the skin and muscle, promotes the metabolism of the tissues and organs, enhances gastrointestinal function, regulates body functions, and enhances the immunity of the body.
Simply strap the massage pad to your car seat, home sofa or office chair, and it will gently cushion and support your back to make you more comfortable. The gentle vibration will ease your tense muscles, allowing you to feel relaxed while you drive, relax at home or work in your office. The heat therapy feature will help soothe your body. The handheld remote will allow you to select areas where you need a massage, and choose the vibration speed according to your preference. read more

this item can be used on different occasions for your office chairs, sofas at home, in your car while driving, etc, read here how furniture affects your productivity