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eunicon brown shaggy rug

Brown decorative center rug 4x6

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Brown decorative center rug

The look and feel of real Brown decorative center rug...just makes you want to crawl and sleep in. new unique line of superior quality "Brown decorative center rug" faux fur area rugs are definitely unlike any other "faux rug" in the market...! Brush your fingers across the thick, silky soft pile - the fur rug has the texture & sheen of real fur! Our faux shaggy accent rugs are the best prices you can get in surulere lagos. It is Integrated non slip CUSHIONED FOAM padding will not budge on carpets hardwoods and tile floors. Machine wash gentle cycle..CUSTOM SIZES Available and different colors are available. 

Some features of Brown decorative center rug include. 

  • Expertly constructed of durable hypoallergenic synthetic fibers
  • Ultra plush and wonderfully soft; feels great under your feet
  • Fibers do not easily shed; non-skid backing; stain and moisture resistant
  • Popular alternative to decorating with real animal skin or fur
  • Sizes are 4by6 and 5by 7 respectively. 
  • Discounted prices.  Buy decorative home pieces, accessories and accents lights and table lamp on our online furniture store in surulere.