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Brown 6 Sitter Dining Table Set

Brown 6 Sitter Dining Table Set

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Brown 6 Sitter Dining Table has been tactfully and creatively designed. these bespoke handcrafted tables are good because you can decide how they should look and select whatever colour you desire. we love to give you what you desire at a very affordable rate as well.

dinning time is family time, get this stylish luxury dining set into your space; colour variation will be made available upon request.

some features of this Brown 6Sitter Dining Table include thus;

made of fine wood coloured table

beige fabric  material  chairs

6 Stylish  chairs

button tufted designs

area of use;

dining area, kitchen dinner, event spaces, etc

 delivery available only within Lagos

Bespoke dining set, available between 7-10 days.

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dining time is family time, get this stylish 6 Sitter Dining Table set into your space