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eunicon white bar stool with gas lift

Bard adjustable bar stool

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This unique design and coloured bar stool are perfect for your bar, kitchen, business area, and anywhere you dim fit it is Easy assembly, sturdy and comfortable stool.


◆EASY ASSEMBLY: these barstools come packaged with all the necessary tools and an assembly instruction sheet; follow the instructions and the bar stool is ready to use.
◆Seat with Leatherette + rebound sponge, with a backrest design, ergonomic, to give you the most comfortable choice; SGS explosion-proof air rod, lifting handle with a metal material, can be adjusted height, but also 360 ° rotation.
◆Plating metal feet to make your feet more comfortable to place; metal steel chassis, the surface plating, chassis inlaid with anti-slip non-slip rubber, effective protection of the floor, strong stability.
Colour : very light grey
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