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Araam orthopedic kidney Executive office Chair

Araam orthopedic kidney Executive office Chair

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 Araam Executive Office Chair

here is a unique Araam executive office chair just like every other product we offer specifically aims at Creating comfort in the workplace. besides function, it's also a uniquely designed piece of furniture.

Get the highest level of comfort & durability without compromising on style. All our chairs are produced to international standards utilizing the highest quality of raw materials, the latest technology, and skilled manpower. we however have Over 80 models of chairs available to suit the diverse needs of our customers.

some features of araam executive office chair  include;

    • Unique spine alignment and lumbar support adjustable feature
    • Stable sturdy armrests
    • Headrest with height and angle adjustment
    • Attractive chrome edges
    • and in addition, has Multiple reclining positions

Araam executive office chair  EM-DY-909

this is specifically an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SERIES; that's why it has an adjustable headrest and height Comfortable and stylish .buy here too