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6 Sitter Classice Dining Table Gold

6 Sitter Classice Dining Table Gold

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This exquisitely designed dining set is made up of 6 sitters black gold dining table and  dining chairs. It comes in brown and black colour variant choice to match any living room upholstery; a Black variant is available. It has a very attractive hue which is pleasant to the sight and great for every dining room. The tabletop is also very thick and designed with an inviting flower imprint.

some features of this dining set include

Long-lasting and durable dining sets
Comfortable ergonomic chairs
Can be used in home and restaurants
Material: wood, fabric,

* Ideal For All Living Rooms 
* Made Of High-Quality Material
* Durable Easy To Assemble
* Movable And Multipurpose 
* Create The Needed Space

available to be shipped outside Lagos 

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