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5FT Foldable Plastic table

5FT Foldable Plastic table

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5FT foldable plastic table

5ft Rectangular Restaurant Plastic Top Folding Table with Foldable Metal Leg is perfect for outdoor stuff as well because it's plastic and easy to maintain.

The 4 seater plastic table s4ft long and are easy to set-up and fold-away when not in use. In some models, the tabletop can also be folded and locked; and comes with a carrying handle for easy transportation.

basic features of 5FT foldable plastic table include,

    •  5ft  rectangular folding leg table
    •  Gravity drop-lock hinges prevent collapse
    •  Corrosion-resistant
    •  Powder-coated paint finishes metal legs.
    •  Tough, stain-resistant plastic top.
    •  Sits 4/6 persons, indoor and outdoor.
    •  Ideal for: garden, BBQs, restaurant.
    •  Excellent as a dining table for kids.

Size: L120 x W60 x H74 cm

available in different colours on request. you  can buy our plastic tables here too