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L-shape Fabric sofa

L-shape Fabric sofa

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This Fabric Sofa is the perfect combination of class, functionality and elegance .The oversized cushions and the deep seater give extra comfort to your back while sitting.

It comes with colorful throw pillow and the legs are made of steel. Whether in your home or office, this seater give you class.


  • This Sofa have a long and continuous cushion (many family can sit next to each other)
  • The steel legs gives more balance
  • It comes with colorful throw pillow
  • Very easy to assemble and move
  • Better sizing for the room
  • It has a different back rest foam 

this  L-shape sofa is not just for homes and living rooms,it can also be used in large office spaces ,lounges and waiting areas. you can get this and more from our home furniture category 

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