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3 drawer file cabinet

3 Drawer Steel File Cabinet

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3 drawer filing cabinet

Organize your records, personal information, and paperwork with this 3 drawer filing cabinet. When your guests walk in, they will see how well organized your office and reception area look.

these cabinets fit nicely in any corner, it can be put along the edge or next to your table for ease of access and provides ample space to store files and supplies. its rich color however

this 3 drawer filing cabinet makes the cabinet look specifically great in any office.

    • Authentic item sold by eunicon interior
    •   doesn't Come FULLY ASSEMBLED
    •  New 3 drawer metal filing cabinet.
    •  High-sided drawers for letter-size documents. Lockable and durable. •
    • Keeps your documents organized and secured
    •  3-piece precision ball-bearing railings allow maximum drawer extension, plus smooth and quiet drawer slide
    • Dimensions: L432xD600xH1015 mm.
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