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1100 liter waste bin

1,100 litre Plastic waste bin

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New 1,100 litre plastic waste bin manufactured from high-quality virgin plastic material designed to ensure stability and resistance to mechanical stresses.
With full EN840 certification, you get exceptional lifetime value with limited downtime.

On request, we will brand the bins with your logo or the coat of arms of your city. Additional accessories such as locks (for lockable bins), noise reduction, foot-operated lid-opener and spare parts are also available.
Are you interested in waste bins with an ident system?

The intelligent waste ident system allows you to track the amount of recyclable material you collect and optimize the waste collection schedule. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Whether you need big or large waste bins, the price of a garbage dust bin is dependent mostly on the manufacturers quality of the refuse trash can. A good buy is not necessarily a small price, even where it is for bulk sale.

It’s pertinent to realize that pictures of product do not mostly depict quality. Product manufacturers endeavour to specify the quality of the metal or plastic materials.

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some features of 1,100-litre plastic waste bin include;

    • Conical shape for ease of evacuation.

    • LAWMA Truck is compatible with automated evacuation.

    • Fitted with 2 side handles for safe and easy movement.

    • Mobile on 4 solid rubber tyres

    • Heavy-duty plastic lid.

    • Suitable for home and industrial wastes.

    • Dimensions : L1240xW1070xH1330 mm