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stylish executive office desk

1.8m Executive Office Desk

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Executive Office Desk

professional corner office desk, made of high-quality melamine.

it has a cupboard with an internal shelf, 2 drawers and an open storage area.  we have a wide collection of office desk both for .general staff and manager/directors table.

we have been designing bespoke tables and supplying the best and most up-to-date employee desk with simple, stylish and modern features to satisfy customers. Creating an independent and relaxed atmosphere by purchasing a work desk gives employees a sense of respect and confidence, and productivity thereby increases.

this executive desk with an extension is unique as it offers ample workspace to relax and work. the drawer also gives you more space to keep files and items out of sight and less clutter on the desk.

this deal covers only the desk as the chair can be bought separately. 

the table is as in the image and it measures 1.8meters long, made of fine dark coloured wood. you can shop online or visit our offline furniture store in Lagos Nigeria.

we deliver in Lagos and nationwide although shipping fee may apply. discounted rates are also available for bulk orders, please call or send a message to that regards.