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black Swivel Bar Stool

black Swivel Bar Stool

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 swivel Bar Stool

This Elegant looking black swivel bar stool  will make any room in the house,club or wine bar look absolutely beautiful and magnificent and also give it a modern comes in a fine pattern that gives the room a royal touch of splendid beauty, glamour and class it has the ideal combination of indulgent and practical.perfect any contemporary Furniture arrangements woven from hand tufted high quality yarn it is made from the finest of materials further more it is also easy to clean maintain and gives you good value for money.
Vintage Bar stool uses steel structure, stable base, padded seat, ergonomic backrest and double chrome stand to support footrest, sturdy and comfortable to seat. 360°seat and wheel swivel design, cool and smooth for moving everywhere. Contemporary style matches your furniture well. Don't hesitate to own it. ideal for outdoor and indoor bar, can also be used alternatively for relaxation.

Some other features of this swivel Bar Stool include; 

    • Steel structure and base, sturdy and durable to use.
    • Sponge padded leather seat cushion, comfortable to seat.
    • Double chrome stand support footrest
    • Height adjustable by pneumatic gas lift.
    • Ergonomic backrest design, with foot rest to relax.
  • Modern style stool, suitable for office, bar, shops to use
    Available in multiple colours like,black,white, red etc. we also deliver within and outside of Lagos state,Nigeria.