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2 sitter White Outdoor Sofa Ohair

2 sitter White Outdoor Sofa Ohair

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Check out our  Rattan furniture and outdoor collection  it’s stylish and practical. 

Relax with the ultimate outdoor furniture set. Whether you're playing a game of poker in your poolside cabana or sipping cocktails around the poolside bar, this set provides all the amenities you need to enjoy the warm summer weather. With three plush cushions, four ottomans and a side table to match, this set is sure to make friend feel right at home.

It’s perfect for all weather, making this outdoor furniture an ideal investment that’ll last year after year. Choose from our rattan tables and chairs, sofas or Rattan bistro sets to suit your garden design.

Build the perfect outdoor space with these poolside garden seats. These pieces are perfect for lounging on a deck, porch or patio as well as under a tree on a sunny day. Whether you're looking for something classic in blue or white, or something fancy and colorful like our eunicon collection, this collection has it all! This set includes  2 seats  and a table.

From hammocks and loungers to dining tables and chairs – we have them all and they can also be redesigned to suit your taste and style.

view more outdoor chairs here as well as other pool and outdoor furniture.

    • its easy to maintain
    • perfect for all weather
    • comes with cushion
    • and with the centre table
    • assembly is required because it comes in a carton
we deliver nationwide and we have discounts for bulk orders.