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Analog Fireproof Safe

Analog Fireproof Safe

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Office Safes are designed to secure your valuables like Important Documents, Cheque Booklets, Stock Certificates, Bonds, Jewelries etc at home or office. They most often come with compartment trays

Overall dimensions Internal dimensions Others

  • OutsideH1000×W580×D516(mm)
  • In-sideH773×W433×D345(mm)
  • Approx.wt:195Kg/430Lbs
  • Fittings1Lockable drawer, 2Adjustable shelves
  • 90 minutes fire resistant wall

Are you looking for a fireproof safe? At eunicon interior, we have a range of fire safes that fulfill all your requirement

Our fireproof safes are perfect to secure documents, home safes, valuables and other household effects.