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handmade 4.5x6 bedframe

Wooden Bedframe Design with tuft

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define your taste and style, the beauty and nature feel this simple bed frame,  it is very stylish and classy as well as made from the best quality of wood. this is a must-have for any home because it comes with 2 side drawers .

the basic colour is an HDF brown wooden colour, which is durable and suitable for both dry and moist environment. this is a 4.5x6 bed frame. the mattress and other beddings can be made available on request.

we strive to constantly offer the best quality and affordable furniture for everyone.

our bespoke wooden bed frame is available on our online eunicon furniture store and can be ordered offline as well.

different sizes and variations are available on request.

Eunicon Interior is your reliable interior design company and furniture supplier in surulere lagos nigeria. we deliver nationwide and buy now pay later payment option is also available.