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Do you know your office furniture can affect your productivity at work?

best seating posture and furniture
Office furniture affects employee engagement in the ways that it inherently impacts the workspace functionality .Most of the time employers and people who procure furniture and fittings for the office just randomly buy furniture. There are some things that needs to be considered when setting up an interesting and productive office space. check these 11 things to consider when buying office furniture.

  1. Budget
  2. Space
  3. Lighting
  4. Comfort
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Aesthetics
  7. Office desk 
  8. Office chairs
  9. Workspace storage
  10. Cubicle  dividers
  11. Electronics

From these 11 things mentioned,the most important on the list should be comfort office chair, office desk because they both affect your mental and physical health which leads us to the importance of ergonomics. Ergonomics is a scientific term which i would like to break down let me explain in a few words. It simply means designing of creating a space for people and not people trying to adjust all adapt to an uncomfortable design or space. This just implies that if ergonomics is not duly considered you are likely going to have issues with staff productivity.

Few Things that Encourages Productivity.
1. Comfort and Aesthetics: There's something about Color Psychology do you know colors have live exciting people? The office environment should not be too stiff and dull, efforts should be made it to Brighten it up with splashes of exciting colors I don't mean you should paint 'rainbows and unicorns' lol but make it beautiful use wallpapers ,3d panels, graffiti  and other amazing wall treatments for offices. let your staff be excited about coming to work daily. Comfort in the work place includes lighting,choosing great lighting is very important too dim or harsh light can influence productivity. bad lighting can cause eye problems due to eye strain and headaches which will in turn slow down the business of the day.

beautiful office space

2 .Office Chairs:  office chairs should not just be anything to fix your butt on, there specific kinds of Chairs to use depending on the number of seating hours and movement required. you may wonder how this really affects productivity,but it reduces the unnecessary breaks taken to ease pain or stretch their legs. it also avoids sick leave and complaints from back aches and problem that can easily be avoided with good chairs. I see some offices  using training chairs/reading chairs for their staff which is totally wrong, it is called training chairs because they are used for conferences and training sessions which usually lasts  for short hours. I understand these kind of chairs are a little cheaper but you can use the Emel Techie chair instead because it is adjustable and offers proper ergonomics too. Employers should invest more in quality recliner chairs.Check out of the office chairs here

emel techie chair                 Emel techie chair emel training chair/reading chair                                           Emel training chair

3. Office Table/ Desk:
 The best tables are those that you can comfortably rest your elbows on while working without having to arc your back. No matter how your work space is that is;The size  physically or staff strength , proper ergonomics must be encouraged.The desk can be single desk or a set of workstations which is what most new organizations use to manage space and encourage staff interaction and productivity,a standing desk is also advisable if needs be. Its also important for the tables to have some sort of storage or drawer so that staff can easily store files or personal items for easy reach. if the tables do not come with a drawer you can purchase that separately from any good furniture store.

Perfect desk posture

Find other tables with proper ergonomics here.

Take charge of your health and productivity, these rules also applies to your home Office as well. if you are going to spend 40+ hours out of your home each week, it is  best to have a desk that you can call your own and a chair that will protect your back. Employees feel valued and appreciated when their work places provide them with high quality furniture, this alone can boost staff morale because employees are happy to come back to work each day and eager to do well.

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Hopefully this information will help you  see the many ways that office furniture can improve productivity in the workplace. it is a relatively simple solution for happier employees and a better bottom line! on the personal note if you seat for long hours ,you should use a cushion massager to relax at work,in your car and even at home because it helps relieve stress and promotes your general well being.

car seat cushion massager


  • It’s crucial to act right now if you start to feel uneasy while seated in a chair. Check to see whether you can transform your seating pose. It is recommended to stand up and also move for a while if the discomfort continues. You can release any stress in your body by extending and going with a walk.
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