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When last did you remodel your livingroom or attempt to make it look better? I personally get bored of my space both living room and bedroom when i get bored it just becomes uninspiring and  uninteresting. Staying at home is no longer fun because your home is supposed to be your comfort zone and when i get uncomfortable i just wanna runaway from my house but most of the time instead of running out i try to change or add something to my space to give it a different look.

Here are a few things you can do when you begin to get bored with your space just like i do all the time..

1. Reupholster your sofa: I would have said change your sofa as well  but because this is cost-effective and would achieve the same can change the fabric or the design of the sofa this will automatically give you only one room at different look and feel.But you need to know if the sofa is worth reupholstering or you probably need a new one.

.reupholstered sofa

2. Change your Wall Colour: the colour of your walls have a way of affecting your mood and psychology you can either repaint it or have a beautiful wallpaper installed or a 3D panel ,this will instantly change the look and ambience of the space.

repainted wall colour

3. Change your Window Treatments: window treatment could be switching from blinds to curtains  or vice versa you could even be switching to a different shade of curtain, Style or design. you will be amazed how little changes can make a huge difference. You should also know there a lots of treatments you can use for your windows aside the basic curtain and blinds.

before/after window treatment

4. Add or get New Accessories: Adding an Artistic piece to a bare wall, some touch of Gold or brass Accessory or a  vintage piece or a Luxury Mirror /regular mirror will give your livingroom a facelift.Mirrors have a way of making your space bigger because of the illusion of extra space it gives, this would definitely give an interesting new Look.

accessorised livingroom
5. This is the last and the simplest way to instantly get a new look. simply Rearrange your living room, take everything apart and put it back together as though you are moving into a new apartment or as though you were staging a home you will be glad you did.


mini home remodelling

Be comfortable in your space as much as possible , make it the way you love it,let your space speak of your unique personality and taste.

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