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How to know and Choose your Interior Design Style



When we talk about Interior design style,it  may sound strange to people who know nothing about interior design.

Interior style is basically guidelines and features grouped together to create a certain look or feel within an interior space. A combination of (interior design) principles and elements to create a distinctive appearance.

So,  What's your Interior Design Style

This is one question professional interior designers ask their clients during the consultation or during a brief and oftentimes, clients are not sure what their interior design style is and frankly, there's nothing wrong about not knowing your style but I’ll like to help you change that today.

 Every individual has a style both the client and the interior designer. There's a chance that interior designers will often want to design based on the style they love but because spaces are designed for the end user, hence the user must decide the style or the interior designer can help the client figure out what their style is. Interior designers must be objective and apply the best style suited for the space or project.

Before you pick out what your interior design style is, you need to know a few types of interior design styles and how your interior designer can help you find your style. 

Types of Interior Design Styles

  1. Contemporary Interior Design: this is a style that is presently popular at any given time. This style is defined by simplicity and subtle sophistication, it encourages the use of sleek and clean lines in the design. It focuses more on the space rather than on the items. It features Pop of Bold accent colours paired with neutrals, simple furniture designs with less decoration and clean/curvy lines and exposed legs. Avoid excessive carvings, which means no royal furniture pieces should be found here, avoid overly colourful floral prints, go basic and bold. Less is more in contemporary design. Lighting is also a significant part of this style. Track light, recess lighting, general lighting and accent lighting all get a chance to shine here.               contemporary interior design         
  2. Shabby Chic Interior design: shabby chic originated in Britain, it was a way for the middle class to show off some taste and style. This is often termed 'feminine design'. It's a unique style that can't be mistaken to be another type. Shabby chic is characterised by an overly floral pattern with fringes and skirts. Soft colours are dominant in shabby chic designs; colours like white, pastels, light grey tones, natural wood and purple colours. The furniture style is more vintage and rustic with some mismatched items. these all make a shabby chic design distinct. See all you need to know about shabby chic interior design                                                                                                              shabby chic interior design style
  3. Modern Interior Design: this interior design style came about in the 20th century and is often mistaken for the contemporary interior design style, the style is often referred to as sleek because It is characterized by clean lines, less clutter, minimalist design/simplicity, natural lighting, natural materials and functionality, natural colour palette. If you have ever wanted to have an open home or an open floor plan, this is the interior design style that is best suited for an open home. Instead of dividing spaces with walls and bricks, spaces are divided with sofas, room dividers, cabinets etc. Check out other elements of modern interior design.          modern interior design style 
  4. Mid-century Modern Interior: it's an American interior design style that was popularized in the 1940s. This style and era was leaning towards futuristic shapes and materials because that was when science fiction was becoming popular. This design not only focuses on beautiful pieces, but it also ensures that the items are efficient and functional as well. A few major characteristics of mid-century modern interior design style are simplicity and clean lines, very straight and simple furniture with no fuss, great craftsmanship was something to look out for, very natural finish like wood and plants, floating furniture, tapered legs, bold colours like burnt orange, yellow, olive green, turquoise, red, white and black and geometry.               mid-century modern interior
  5. Industrial Interior Design: this is a not such a popular design style today. This design style embodies a warehouse and factory look and feel. Its a very raw style that looks kind of unfinished , exposed and in their natural state. The major features or characteristics of industrial interior are ; Timber,  exposed bricks , pipes, irons / metal works, electrical cables, rustic decor and lighting and the colour pallet is natural and raw. This design can only be functional in large spaces with high ceilings,remember it needs to have a warehouse feel and that cannot be achieved in small living areas.               industrial living room design
  6. Minimalist Interior Design: This interior design style is popularly known for simplicity, clean lines, natural light and a monochromatic palette. The monochrome style does well with more white, bits of black, and more neutral tones of grey and brown. The space has minimal or no decorations, every item serves a function rather than being redundant. Other design styles may have items that focus on aesthetics rather than function. Still, because minimalist style doesn't have the luxury of crowding the space and it then focuses on the essentials and multi-purpose furniture items with hidden storage. This style may not quite serve a large home with extended family living in or visiting regularly, it will do well with a single or a couple of home users in order to maintain that minimalist style. The is basically Everything you need to know about minimalist interior design and more.                                                                                                                                                           minimalist living room interior

    These are a few interior design style as there are many more such as Nautical Interior design ,bohemian, Classic,Traditional, rococo, Art decor interior design styles etc.

    Although there are so many interior design styles, no rule says you must follow it to the letter, I believe you can mix more than one interior design style as long as it doesn't look chaotic, talk to your interior designer about your design choices.  As I earlier mentioned, interior designers must be objective when designing spaces but they must guide the clients. For example, if a client is leaning towards an archaic and outdated design style, it's our duty as designers to advise the client by offering unique and timeless designs. The ultimate goal is for the client to be happy about the design, while making the space attractive and functional, one cannot exist without the other.

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