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How to Design and Decorate a Functional Hallway and Entryway


hallway with wall decor

Every part of your home deserves to be happy and I mean it with all seriousness, why do we focus on the bedroom and living room and ignore the passages and hallways? Every space in your home should be an opportunity to show off your taste and style no matter what your style is.

I know that Hallways are usually narrow or small so I guess that’s why most people just leave it for what it is, just another passage to a more interesting room. 


There are, however, a few ways to make that narrow, boring and maybe dark hallway the most inviting space in your home, especially for picture freaks like us(I don't think there's any lady who would see a nice background or location and not take a picture)or is there?. hallways /entryways are mostly at the entrance of your home, the entrance should be exciting and welcoming because how a space makes you feel is a lot more important than how it looks. Have you ever gotten into a place that instantly got you scared or overwhelmed either because of the colour or the interior style?

Do you have a spacious entryway or a hallway at home? Let's talk about a few things to look out for when designing your hallway. Although not often talked about, the way a place looks can affect your psychological and mental state either positively or negatively. As we usually say, “positive vibes only” 

So how can we design a happy hallway with positive vibes?

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How to design a functional hallway.

  1. Floor: if you have a full hallway, it's a great time to use a runner. Get a nice rug to cover the floor since it's going to be a high traffic zone, it will also beautify the area and give this ‘you are welcome’ feel. think of it as rolling out a red carpet. Entryway runners come in different beautiful designs, colours and sizes, you can buy online or find a store near you to purchase one that suits your space.             
    hallway entryway runner
  2. Walls: get creative with your wall, if you decide to paint it, use a warm and welcoming colour. Don’t forget how colour makes people feel, I talked about that in one of my videos.  So make sure to get your colour right. If you decide to use wallpaper, the type of wallpaper you use can also make the hallway smaller or bigger( check out my video on how to creatively use wallpapers). So if the height of the hallway is a little short you may want to use wallpaper with horizontal stripes because it kind of gives it an illusion of a longer wall. There are different types of wallpapers and they can make your hallway look longer, wider and taller so figure out what you need and make it work.
    entryway with wallpaper
  3. Wall decors : never leave your walls bare, use beautiful decor pieces. Some wall decor ideas are paintings, frames, hanging wall plants, murals, clocks, family photos, wall decals, wooden wall decor, mirrors and panel mirrors especially with a console table. And then a console table never goes wrong in a hallway if it is properly positioned. buy our Rapunzel console table.
    enteryway with console table
  4. Dressers and benches are also perfect for your entry and hallways, you don't necessarily need to have both of them in the same place. A bench in the entryway can be positioned for people to sit and take off or wear their shoes, they can also wait there before getting into the main living room. Check out our console table collection. You can buy one or order a bespoke design here.
    entryway with bench seat
  5. Lighting: just imagine those long dark creepy hallways in horror movies(very scary). You really don't want your hallway looking that creepy like a scene from a horror movie. Depending on how your entrance is, some homes have a little passage before the main living room, That small part needs to be properly lit and decorated. That entrance gives your guest an idea of what the main sitting room will look like. So Light it up!! Use ceiling lights, wall lights or even floor lights ,LEDs just make sure never to have a dark hallway. 
    beautifully lit hallway entrance
  6. Plants: I remember I saw a video on YouTube. It was a remodeling gone wrong, I shared it on my IG TV, you’d have seen it if you followed me on Instagram. the entrance had a wall full of plants, yeah live plant it was looking like a green room and I love plants no doubt but it was horrendous and then the staircase had that green turf or carpet grass as it popularly called here, I mean… its a great idea if you are designing a front porch or an outdoor sit out but not the hallway or entrance of the home, so creatively use plants either life or artificial plants with beautiful vases and plant stand, just make sure it looks good. I usually prefer to use artificial plants indoors because it doesn't need maintenance other than dusting them once in a while.
    artificial plants on decorative wooden planter

These are the basics that you would need to beautify your hallway and entryway. The size shape and purpose of the space will guide you as to what other items you will need to spruce up that lonely hallway and entryway.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression so go and begin designing your hallway /entryway project. As usual eunicon interior is always here to help, I would love to design and beautify your hallway, reach out to us here and let’s make some magic.

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