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Alternative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces at Home

The average income earner living in a metropolis tends to struggle with housing and good accommodation, the nice spacious ones are overly expensive or not available and the average low priced ones are pretty small and barely enough to house yourself and a couple of others. If you are a minimalist you may not have issues with spaces but for some of us who like to have a lot of things around, it becomes a thing of concern when our spaces are no longer enough to house everything we have especially for ladies, OH my goodness!! Are there any ladies in da building? Ladies just love to buy a lot of new things they need and don't need with a lot of clothes, shoes, bags and everything all over the place. sometimes I go to the market and I’m like Mmmmm  Mmmmm nat today .The bedroom is where most of the clutter tends to hide and it is Great if you have an in-built wardrobe or a closet, you can easily push the clutter in there.

Let's talk about some hacks and how to make your space work with some alternative storage ideas when you have a small living area.

  1. Make use of dual-purpose furniture: What do I mean? So don't just make a bed to sleep on, get a better one that also serves more than just for sleeping, but most these types of furniture are bespoke because it has to be made to fit into that space. Some ideas for multipurpose bed is a storage bed ,a bed with drawers that you can put in your shirts ,clothes and some of the items.Another bed idea is using loft bed, these are like bunk beds, bunk beds are usually for kids but loft beds are more for adults and built off the ground so that you can use the space beneath for either a workstation or a sitting area or something  else that you need the space for.
storage bed idea
  1. Jewellery storage idea: This idea is mostly for the ladies, I don't like keeping my jewellery in boxes because it gets tangled and difficult to get out so I did this with my mirror. i had a mirror just hanging on the wall, so i got my carpenter to make a flat box just the same size with the mirror where i could hang my earrings and accessories for easy reach. These are some other alternatives for jewellery hanging on the wall, make it an accessory in your room like create a flower vase and just hang your necklaces on it.

jewelry storage idea
  1. Make use of alternative and unusual spaces: unused spaces are space like underneath your staircase. If you have a staircase that's just lying Fallow you can create a cabinet or a storage space underneath your staircase to hide things you may not need often.
under staircase storage
  1. Make use of vertical spaces: we tend to ignore the spaces above head level once your bed and sleeping area is clear then you're free to use every other space for storage. Make wardrobes or shelves that go upward especially if you are a bookie you need to use your vertical space to store your books, it may be so high to reach so you will need something like a ladder to step up to pick your books whenever. This doesn't only apply to books, It can also serve as small storage spaces for shirts and t-shirts or even shoes.
vertical space storage
  1. Use collapsible furniture: furniture that you can easily move around. If you have a small room and you want a Home Office ,instead of buying the regular big tables and chairs buy collapsible tables, buy a foldable table and a foldable chair so that after working you can move it out of the way or put it to the side and have space to do other things. Also, use furniture you can roll aside to make space for other things.
foldable kitchen island
  1. If you have a sofa or an ottoman in your room make sure it also serves as some sort of storage, it  should look like the regular seat or ottoman but it should perform the function of storage. Where you can keep small items out of site.
storage ottoman
  1. You need to de-clutter your space as much as possible to make sure you take out unnecessary things, things that you don't use in months or weeks. Clear out items you don't need

These are great ideas to properly utilize your small space,so go ahead and design your small apartment. If you however need help beautifying your small apartment and choosing storage options, Eunicon interior will be glad to help you fix your small space.

Share your own small home storage ideas with us in the comment section.

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