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8 Living Room Layout / Interior Designing Mistakes and How to Correct Them

living room withour an area rug

I don't know if this happens to anybody else, but the moment I get into someone's apartment , I admire the place and think of what I could have done better (maybe its the interior designer in me) and in the process of looking around, I see a lot of errors and interior design mistakes and I feel the need to to talk about it so that you can beautify your space better.

Here are 8 living room designing mistakes a lot of people make in their homes.

  1. Trying to contrast a lot: You need to Let your design flow seamlessly. Contrast is essential in interior design but you need to know the right way to use contrast. A plain single hue space can be very boring that's why contrast is a must but in doing that, don't make the colours stick out like complementary colours on the colour wheel. I've seen some interiors that look very disturbing with their contrasting style. I  saw a white and red living room that was awful, the sofa was plain white, with plain red throw pillows and plain red area rug with red curtains, looking like a valentine set. designing your living room like this,with colours sticking out will make your space look so basic. Red and white can be so beautiful when done right. Add accent contrasting colours without overdoing it, Incorporate patterns and textures in order to make the contrast easy on the eye.
    better contrast living room very contrasted living room interior  
  2. Buying disproportional Furniture: You can't measure a space with your eyes, sometimes people just look at stuff and say yes this is the size of the window or sofa. Even if you have planned out your space, measure it, if you can't do it yourself, get someone else to do it because you might regret buying that beautiful piece of furniture or that curtain, buying something that is too big or too small for your apartment can be frustrating. That's why whenever someone orders for a bespoke sofa design I ensure that someone goes to Measure the entrance to the apartment and the place it will be placed so that we won't have an issue of "its too big" or "its too small" . That way,the entire space will be cohesive when the sofa comes in. Think of it as you wearing 2 sizes bigger than you or 2 sizes smaller, no matter how beautiful that outfit is, it will never look great on you. Proportion is very essential in designing, a beautiful piece can be very disturbing if it's not the accurate size. 
     perfectly fitted living room sofasofa too big  
  3.  Using the wrong size of Rug: An area rug is so essential. In fact, if you have an area rug, take it off for a bit and see if there's going to be any difference. Of course, there's going to be a huge difference because these little things make your living room cohesive. It is great if you have a rug, but is the rug a perfect fit for your space? Check out how to choose the best rugs for your living space.Some peoples centre rugs look really silly and funny. One time I had an in-person consultation for a living room makeover, the picture is still fresh in my head. The home had 4 living rooms, most of them had no centre rugs and one of them had a rug that wasn't proportional to the size of the living room. It was so small like a raft and worst still was that it had a centre table with stools that looked like legs.  It was just a funny sight. There's no exact size required but the right thing is for your rug to get under your sofa, at least the front legs should rest on the rug. If your living room is really big then I'm sure you would be able to afford a huge rug. 
      large area rugsmall living room rug  
  4.  Stop placing your Furniture against the wall. Yeah, we can make an argument for smaller apartments that are trying to maximize every space but if you have a bigger space don't push everything against the wall. Just imagine having to push your accent chairs against the wall!! Looks so improper. What's the point of having a large space in the middle? When everything is distant from each other the space would not be aesthetically appealing and not look cohesive  too and since the living room is meant for bonding and gisting with family, you need to make the seating arrangement close enough to perform that function. Find the best living room layout that works for your living room and make it happen.
     living room aligned furnitureimproper furniture set placement  
  5. You don't have to use a complete Sofa Set: Who says you must use a 7 sitter? I see some very small living rooms with a full sofa set struggling to fit in, this is a big no-no!! Some living rooms just need one big couch and 2 accent chairs, that's why you must Design your home according to your needs, curate it to suit your personality. You would say but that's what is available in stores, how about a bespoke unique design? If you have a small space, get a sofa that would fit in comfortably and still have enough space around for movement and for foot traffic . Eunicon Interior has amazing craftsmen who design beautiful sofa sets at very affordable prices, so what's your excuse for not having a beautiful living room sofa set? Order for a bespoke handmade sofa set online.

     tight living room space  
  6.  Inadequate Lighting:  Never depend on one source of lighting. I've been to some homes where they have a single source of light in the middle of the living room or 2 wall sconces at most. Illumination is so important in interior design, there’s almost no design without lighting. In fact, lighting enhances and accentuates certain decorative elements, think of how the spotlight lits from above a wall frame or an art piece, it gives it this funnel accent look that beautifies the space. Wall sconces are also decorative, that's why you must Find a way to include multiple light sources into your Living room interior, no one wants to be in a dark boring space. Have a mixture of General light,warm light and bright white light, they both create different types of ambience. Led light, wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps, spotlight, task light etc but the ultimate remains the natural light, this works perfectly during the day if you have large windows for light to come through.
     proper living room lightinginadequate living room lighting  
  7.  Matchy - Matchy Furniture: I usually don't like to go pick up furniture from the store or show room, most times they don't show off your taste or personality. They just look like an extension of the showroom when the coffee table, console table, TV console all look the same and the sofa looks like a magazine cut out. Sometimes it even extends to the bedroom with the wardrobe, bed frame etc all looking the same. I'm not saying the items in your home should be riotous , they can be bought from different Designers and locations but they need to have something that ties them together. That's why I like to take my time to design my personal space so that I can source the best items that are more like me. And if its a clients apartment where I don't have the luxury of time, I go bespoke, selecting each component and material just as I want it to look or as the client decides.
     patterened living room sofamatchy matchy living room sofa set  
  8. Not having at all or not enough Surface: by surface I mean coffee tables and side tables. Remember coffee and side tables are part of the living room essentials and must-haves, designing and setting up your living room without those will make your space look incomplete. Just like area rugs, you must be mindful of the size of the coffee table you use in the centre of your living room. Here are 6 things to consider when selecting a coffee table for your living room. You need ample surface to set things on, like drinks when you have a guest, drop a book or even add some table decor.
     living room with coffee tableliving room without coffee table  

There are so many other living room layout and  interior design mistakes but, I won't want to bore you with the long list that's why I'm sharing these few decor tips with you, a couple of living room mistakes that you must have seen so we all can be better at designing our personal spaces. Looking forward to reading your comments below. Also, know that you can share this article using the social icons below. And kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel, checkout the amazing contents we have there.

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