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7 Clear Signs that your Home Needs an Interior Makeover

living room interior makeover

When you live in the same house for a couple of years, it's very normal for the house and everything in it to begin to deteriorate. Remember when you moved into your new apartment or when you did a house warming party for your newly completed home, I'm very sure it's certainly not the same both structurally and the interior. You may be so used to your space that you can't even tell when it's time to renovate or remodel your home. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you clear signs that tell you when it's time for a remodel, redecoration or a makeover.

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WATCH: 7 Clear signs that your home needs a Makeover

Remodeling is exciting when you think of the outcome and how your space will be transformed but the process of getting it done and finances that would go into the project may just dampen the excitement but hey look on the Bright side, it's an investment worth doing. Renovation may cost much but a little makeover or remodel will not break the bank.

7 Signs that tell you when to Remodel your Home.

  1. you are no longer comfortable inviting friends over: your friend calls hey are you home, I’m around the hood and I'll be here for 2 days, I wanna drop by and your head spins should I say I’m home or not, and then you go oh I’m out and I won't be back till the weekend. Or when you begin to give excuses to your guest why something in your living room is bad or broken and how you are planning to fix it without anyone asking or even noticing what you are talking about  Lol if you have found yourself in a situation like this then, my dear you certainly need a home makeover( drop a comment below saying I need a makeover) Eunicon interior is offering a free interior design consultation
  2. If It’s too cluttered or too empty: so you tend to have more luggage the longer you stay in an apartment. When you moved in with just a few items you probably had it in mind to keep your space as minimalist as possible, but you just kept buying and needing more and more items now your house is so full. My dear, you certainly need to declutter and remodel, you will be glad you did.  I know a couple of people who have lived in a house for at least 2 years and it still looks like they are just moving in, and it’s not like they are intentionally minimalist. Minimalist interior design style intentionally works with a few items in the space. so if you are in the too cluttered or too empty category you definitely need a makeover.
  3. You feel uninspired and bored: you have gotten so used to your space that nothing wows you, you get home and feel meh. That's so not right because your home is supposed to be cosy and a place to find respite,your hideout away from the world. I don't know if new things excite you as much as they excite me. but I make a deliberate effort to switch up things as often as possible. If you are beginning to feel bored try doing a remodel or a simple redecorating. If you can't afford a makeover, simply buy a few new things to make your old living room feel new .Before I go on, how would you like a free interior design consultation?Here is a link for you. sign up for a free online interior consultation,or an in-person visit, eunicon interior would love to make your space more welcoming and exciting.
  4.  Faded paint and cracks in the wall: how do you justify not painting your home for over 3 years and don't tell me you have a good maintenance culture. At some point, you'd need to touch up or change the paint, fill up the cracks in the wall, and moisturize. So if you have cracks and faded paint, then that's a clear sign that it’s time to touch up a bit. Because while the paint is fading some other things (furnishing & decor) will also be falling apart.
  5.  When your interior feels outdated: old homes that were beautifully designed years ago and never updated since then will definitely need a face-lift. It’s like the world has advanced but your living room is still in the early ‘90s. The sofa design, the dining and the general interior looking archaic. give yourself and your home a treat asap, a little redecorating will make you happier in your home.
  6.  Lifestyle changes, Remodeling for more people or less: So I visited home after a couple of years and the moment I got in I just knew this place needs a fix. We used to be about 7 people in that house and then it became just 2 people in the house and because spaces are designed for people, it makes more sense to redecorate the house to suit the current home users. The same also applies when you begin to have more people in the house, when you begin to have children and grandchildren or have in-laws who live-in or visit often, you need to expand to accommodate more.  So whether you are designing for more or for less, you need a home makeover.
  7. Constantly looking at new homes listings and decor : it is either you really need a new apartment or you are just tired of your current home. If you really do need a new place,then it’s OK to move especially if you have the means to do so (money) but its also possible that you may just need a complete makeover to remain in your current apartment and love it like a new one again because that's what makeover does, it completely transforms your interior space and gives it a new look. 

Ladies and gentlemen, if you begin to feel like this about your home,Eunicon interior is just a call away we can have an online interior design consultation anywhere in the world you are or we can arrange an in-person visit if you are in Lagos Nigeria  to see how we can make your home beautiful,vibrant and welcoming again. 

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