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10 Amazing Contemporary Room Divider Ideas to Upgrade your Home Decor

laser cut room divider

What is a Room Divider?

Room dividers are, as the name implies, to divide rooms and create some privacy but these days, room dividers do not only divide spaces, they are used as decor pieces and often appear luxurious and glamorous when appropriately used. I absolutely didn't like room dividers when I was a kid because the things the called room dividers were so bulky and not stylish at all, so it was serving as a TV cabinet most of the time because, TVs were not hung on walls then ( i bet some generation Z folks have never seen those bulky TVs), the giant box TV needed a strong wood that could support it… I know some of you oldies are now feeling nostalgic, but yeah it was the trend then. If you still have such a room divider at home It's a crime .. and it's punishable by…. Common... Just get a modern one.

old tv cabinet room divider







Old room divider/TV cabinet


Room Dividers are back and it's becoming a trend. Interior designers are finding a way to infuse them into most contemporary and modern interior design styles. This time, not bulky at all but in slim panels,frames and boards.The thing about using room dividers is that there are no strict rules as to the type and size to use but before you buy or install one, think about proportion, the size of the space vs the size of the divider, you don't want to also have a rustic divider in a contemporary space. Whatever design you are choosing should flow seamlessly with your interior design style.or simply reach out to Eunicon interior yeah we are the best interior design company in Lagos Nigeria ( yeah i said it,I'm proud like that) we'll figure out what best suits your space and have it installed ASAP

Where to use a Room Divider

Room dividers serve as temporary partitioning, think about it this way, You have an open space and you want the individuals or each room to have some privacy but not so much privacy, instead of putting up walls and doors, you simply just put a divider that stylishly separates each space and beautifies it.

Dividers can be used anywhere, at home in the living room, in restaurants and lounges, in open-plan homes, hotels etc.

Types of Room Dividers

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Room dividers can be made from any material but some of the popular simple ones include:

      1.  1. Curtain divider: this is usually used at home to separate spaces. This appears to be very elegant, you know how curtains look great when hung high and full, it gives this luxury look. So this not only divides your space it also beautifies it. Curtains are used for a longer stretch of space and are not in any way permanent. Spaces can be opened up at any time. Best curtain room dividers




      2.Shoji screen divider: this is often made of wooden material and a thin paper, wicker or cloth sheet that allows light to pass through. Some of it can be permanent while some others may be temporary and foldable.





      wooden room divider


      3. Wooden room divider: wooden design can come in any form as some may look like a shoji frame but made of wood. proper custom made wooden designs are always elegant. as a mater of fact wooden designs can be very decorative and can also be designed to hold plants,there by serving as a planter and a room divider,is that not amazing? Hire an interior designer to assist in your room divider choice selection.










      metal room divider



      4. Metal: metal room divider often comes in squares of metal plates.They can be very decorative and painted in any colour to suit your decor needs.Amazon and most online stores have beautiful room dividers that is easy to fix and maintain



      shelf room divider
         5 .Bookcase Room divider: this is another great idea especially for nerdy folks and book readers. This is a dual-purpose piece of furniture; serving as a bookcase and divider, to showcase decor pieces and store other things, this design helps to eliminate clutter. This has to be a made to fit design to suit your space.Request for one of our handymen






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      6.Trellis or planter shelf: usually made from an open framework or lattice of interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo or metal that are normally made to support and display climbing plants, especially shrubs but this is used in recent interior decoration and as a divider to showcase your favourite plants , mostly artificial plants since it is used indoors. shop for different designs and sizes online.





      7.Frosted glass divider: this is perfect for smaller spaces because it is literally  glass but not a see through glass. This is mostly used in offices as it allows light to pass through to other rooms . It can also be used at home to separate the living room and the bedroom. You can have your frosted glass designed to look like a proper wall treatment, see some designs here.

      frosted glass room divider

      8.Chain room divider: this divider looks more like an accessory because it doesn't block anything per se but it gives that privacy feel, there's this hotel in Lekki phase 1, Angle Villa Hotel. I love the way they casually used the wood and chain divider design in their lounge area.


      chain  room divider


      9.Embroidered or beaded room divider: this is one of the oldest divider designs,some are beaded while some others are embroidered . It comes like a curtain and you need a pole to hang it. It was mostly used in local bars those days but  you can try it at home, it still comes very handy.


      curtain strain room divider


      Checkout other great room divider ideas and styles

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      wwoden shoji screen room divider
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      Now you can add some glam to your space with these room divider ideas without looking like you are trying too much. Think about every space you have seen a room divider and tell me if it didn't look good. If it didn't look good it's definitely not the dividers fault , it's the builder who didn't do a good job. Eunicon Interior would love to be a part of your design process, contact us if you would like some assistance . Kindly drop a comment,a question or some room divider ideas that you want us to know.

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