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Lifetime stackable Training Chairs

Lifetime stackable Training Chairs

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Lifetime stackable Training Chairs are made of  good aluminium and fibre construction . which makes it very ideal to use in restaurants,dinning and training centres because it is durable and easy to maintain. it is finely finished with a paint coating with starch resistance which in turn makes it appropriate for long term use.

Lifetime stackable Training Chairs however  is  available in red, grey and black .

    • stackable
    • easy to maintain
    • durable
    • lifetime product
Area of use includes;

schools, event centers, training centers, offices.glance through all our products

available in red, grey and black its stackable for easy storage and space management,it is also  easy to maintain. its made of fine plastic and metal, durable and beautiful.

tables of the same material are available on request.