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Mustard Tufted bespoke Sofa Set

Mustard Tufted bespoke Sofa Set

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your living room should be as welcoming as possible because its where the guests get to experience before any part of your home. that's why it needs to be perfect. so we are offering you perfect, durable and comfortable Mustard coloured Tufted Sofa Set furniture for your living room. we will be giving a free space planning consultation as well to help with the colour psychology, colour selection and mood of your space.

this is a seven sitter mustard tufted sofa set also known as button chairs.

eunicon has been creating excellent pieces for a long time you can view our home furniture here.

beautifully crafted mustard coloured sofa set, define your space with a touch of class. this is also available in different colours on request.

material-mustard suede

7 sitter set

nationwide delivery available

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