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3d panel

This article is basically explains how to install 3d panel and wallpaper with ease. I'm taking out time to do this because I had challenges when I got into interior design and space planning, i needed to know how to install in order to instruct and supervise my workers so it was really important to learn for myself so that they don't do nasty jobs for me and cause problems between me and the client at the end of the day.

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So firstly, let's deal with wallpaper,wallpapers are usually sold in rolls of 5square meters(sqm) ,7sqm,10 and 16 sqm as the case may be.Before you take on this wallpaper installation or 3d installation journey,its very important to know your measurements. The right thing to do is measure the length and width of the wall or whatever area want to cover so that you can be accurate. You need to know how to measure in square metres of convert to square metres. this is done by simply multiplying the length and width e.g 0.5m x 3.9m=1.95 sqm and then you get your square meters. But if you can only measure in feet you can convert online and get your accurate square meter. It's important to understand square meters and measurements because in Nigeria that's how building materials and certain jobs are charged for. To begin the wallpaper installation as a first timer of DIY installer ,here are the things you need...your wallpaper,top bond glue, razor or sharp blade,a piece of wet towel.

 Step-by-Step Wallpaper Installation

Depending on the type of wallpaper and the how you want it to sit either horizontally or vertically ,you need to measure from one end of the wall to the other end.

  • To begin the installation,cut the paper according to the size measured earlier.
  • Mix the top bond glue with some water in a bucket or whatever container you choose till its completely thin.
  • Get a paint brush or a roller brush then apply to glue mix to both the wall and wallpaper, then paste it as carefully as possible. try to avoid any bulge while placing it.
  • If you see a bulge or bubble just pull and readjust the wallpaper or use the wet cloth to mildly rub on it until It disappears. do this process over onto your complete your installation.

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Installing 3d Panel

The first time I installed 3d panel it was pretty fun and challenging because the wall was rough (texcote paint) if you also encounter this, the best bet is to scrape it off the paint or screed the wall.the latter will cost you more money anyway but once that is done you can begin installation. as stated in the introduction,you need to get your measurements right unlike the wallpaper ,3d  panel is sold in square metres for about 4,000 Naira and it comes in different designs. things you would need for installation are  a brush, 3d panel an adhesive or shoe gum and a razor or something sharp to cut.

  • Firstly clean the wall and apply the objective to the wall and on the panel.
  • Allow it to dry a bit then place the panel carefully on the wall because it could be a little more difficult to adjust if you don't place it right.
  • Do the same for as much square meters as you need to install.
  • Avoid having spaces in between the board so that the end comes out neat. if you have any spaces after installing simply use filler to fill the spaces. you can now paint if you choose to paint it. The best paint for 3d panel is satin or silk paint because it is soft and makes the panel glow under bright light and also, you can clean off dirt's and stain from satin painted surface.

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  I hope you find this helpful or will be helpful to you, but if you however cannot do it yourself DIY you can request for a wallpaper installer for 3d panel installer to handle commercial or personal installation or assist you. if you are also looking for where to buy wallpapers and 3d panels in Lagos you can shop right here on our website.

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